Tools and Accessories
Tools and Accessories
Which ever tool is required for your tiling project we can supply it. From Trowel's to 2200w waterbased diamond disc cutters, the suppliers we use have quality products at competitive prices.

A manufacturer of drilling solutions, bits from 5mm to 117mm suitable for drilling holes in all types of material including Ceramic, Stone & Porcelain.

Rotazip drills are a multi-versitile cutting tool, capable of cutting any shape or hole in just about any material including Porcelain, Ceramic and all types of Stone without the need for water cooling. Available in corded or cordless versions.

Based in Italy, Sigma produce affordable, high quality tools and accessories.There sprung bed scribe and snap cutters (as pictured) are renowned throughout the tile industry for there quality and user friendly action. Also there range of diamond disc cutters are second to none offering motors as big as 2200w.